Why Christian Education?

There is no such thing as neutrality in education. Secular education places man at the center of things. The Bible clearly states that the unregenerate mind cannot please God precisely because it places man at the center, assumes that human beings are basically good, actively suppresses the truth about God, and denies the supernatural realities of heaven and hell.  An educational philosophy that does not explicitly declare Christ as Lord, that does not integrate God's Word into every action, and that does not acknowledge God as the source of all truth, can only in the words of Jesus Christ, "scatter" (Matt. 12:30).  Therefore, the question is this:  Does a secular education enable a student to think Biblically about the world? 


The regenerate mind, from which Christian education flows, affirms the opposite of secular education:  God is the Creator and Ruler of this universe; human beings, sinners from birth, are in need of redemption; all truth is God's truth; and, man is not dependent of human reason alone.  The triune God of Scripture has created an ordered universe that can only be fully known through an orderly submission to His revelation of Himself in Scripture. This means that all subjects must all be taught in light of God's existence and His revelation of His Son, Jesus Christ. The Scriptures occupy the vital role in teaching this revelation and must serve a central role in Christian education--regardless of the subject. The Bible is an integrative force. Through Scripture, children are taught that God wonderfully made them. The child’s knowledge of his relationship to Christ is confirmed through discussion of stories from the Bible, prayer support and godly interaction with teachers, family and friends.